2/26/2005 02:44:00 AM|W|P|BRAFury|W|P|Isto� So long has it been since my last post. It's been an unbelievable night. New place and so much opportunity I cannot even start to describe... I guess I'll have to tell the story day by day. |W|P|110941466258163768|W|P||W|P|2/09/2005 04:25:00 PM|W|P|BRAFury|W|P|Back in Orlando to attend a Rollins College event made me realize how crappy the weather in the Midwest is. I was welcomed here by mild temperature and a sunny sky, both making me add points to the scoreboard showing the cities competing to have me as a resident. I've been staying in my house in Ocoee and today was just another day at the Y, another day working out, running intervals as I like to say, running for my life. My physical ability and shape is a top priority right now along with a strong GMAT score, as I had mentioned before. For now, snowboarding slowed down a bit due to the warming weather in Ohio and my lack of will to drive to the mount (yeah, not a mountain) . Now it's time for a bit more GMAT exercises because if I want to get anywhere in my life, I must have a stronger score and it seems like even then, I might be into a bit of trouble. What I've always said has once again came back to haunt me: there is a weakness in my resume and it is very apparent, I need job experience if I want to go anywhere besides Rollins. So if I do get in here, this just might be the way to go. Cheers, |W|P|110799652012297953|W|P|It is warm down south|W|P|2/07/2005 10:44:00 PM|W|P|BRAFury|W|P|Imagine this: Yesterday during the halftime show of the Super Bowl, it had been exactly one year since Janet Jackson revealed one breast for 2 seconds in National television. This year, the league and organizers of the Super Bowl gave us an aging Paul McCartney who sang some unknown songs and some hits from the Beatle days in an attempt to make the spectacle more suitable for American TV. I try to be as politically neutral as I can while writing but I have to admit that such action is just another symptom of the recent conservative wave that has been sweeping the United States from California to New York. At the same time, somewhere south of the Equator, networks disputed to have the best cameras and angles on the most beautiful women in the world wearing a bare minimum of clothes, many of them showing their breasts. The event and place - Carnaval celebrations in Rio and other Brazilian cities. The duration - It has been happening for 5 days now and it's finally about to come to an end. The outcome of the Brazilian "wardrobe malfunciton" - No major harm done: people will still make it to work on Thursday, the kids will not the traumatized and the media will not make a big deal out of women's breast being flashed for several seconds during primetime. The country has greater problems to deal with. |W|P|112524779503655449|W|P|The Super Bowl Halftime Show and Brazilian Carnaval|W|P|2/04/2005 07:21:00 PM|W|P|BRAFury|W|P| The weekend before the greatest holiday of the year (for Brazilians) has officially began. It sets off 6 days of intense celebration that make New Orleans look like a medical conference. All over Brazil and around the world, millions of people already in full travel mode have began moving around to different sites to celebrate 5 days (Ash Wednesday, most people rest.) of what began as a religious holiday and today is considered one of the greatest party events to attend in the whole world. The reason I say event is because Mardi Gras as it is known here means a lot more to Brazilians that it means to the average citizen of any other nation. Even the country's economy is believed to wait for Carnaval to finish to enter in full mode of operation for the current year. Enough said about business, there are also other several particulars that put Brazil on the center of the world during the next few days: - A picture is worth a thousand words; Curves and body painting mix in harmony, advertising two of the most searched and treasured national products during the party days: beer and Brazilian beauties. - Many celebrities from all around the world travel to Rio or the Northeast. - A hot beat and agile dance moves reward the crowd: Samba and Axe music to lead the people. - Crime and problems of the sort, typical in Brazil are also put on hold; even the bad guys celebrate Carnaval. No racial, social or religious differences hold during the celebrations. - All of that in each of our beautiful states with its marvelous natural beauties. So, would you like to go? I would but can't. I'm too far away and the party has already begun. My advice: Start planning for next year and beware: it's a very pricy time of the year to visit Brazil... but worth every single penny. |W|P|112524771535320550|W|P|It's Carnaval! Brazil in the center of the world !|W|P|2/02/2005 09:02:00 PM|W|P|BRAFury|W|P|The GMAT, Graduate Management Admission Test and heavy exercising have been the two main focuses of my life. This week has been all about these two topics and everything else has been revolving around them. An example: finding potential schools to apply for, buying more books to study and as far as exercising goes, deciding what I'm going to do and when to do it. I'll tell you, group cycling and interval running are quite challenging activities. Yesterday I hit the books hard, working on Sentence Corrections and some Math problems. It is amazing how careful I have been writing lately because of such intense grammar I've been studying since I decided to retake the exam. Even as I write this post, I carefully search for parallelism mistakes or verb agreement issues (listen to me!). That's about all I have to say except for goodbye because it is time to be signing off to study some more before hitting the gym... I'm kidding; I'm hitting my bed and quite hard. A great Wednesday night well slept to everyone.|W|P|110740644464551190|W|P|GMAT and Exercise|W|P|2/01/2005 07:57:00 AM|W|P|BRAFury|W|P|

Apple on top of the branding world

Neither Google, nor Starbucks. Apple Computers gets the recogntion it deserves and becomes the most successful brand in 2004. Among other surprises on the list, giant brands such Coca-Cola and Microsoft failed to make the cut as the top five brands worldwide. More surprising than Apple's success and Coca-Cola's absence, is the success other lesser known brands such as IKEA, the Swedish furniture manufacturer and Al-Jazeera, the middle-eastern CNN have experienced in 2004. Such success resulted in top 5 spots while Coca-Cola was nowhere to be found. Good branding is a result of good marketing and I have been praising Apple for its amazing turnaround, leveraged by an impressive marketing scheme. Fundamentally, good marketing can be achieved if a company is able to master what we call the 4 "Ps" and there's enough evidence that Apple has indeed achieved such success.

  • Product - Needless to say, Apple's iPod, iTunes and its other sleek electronics have gained a definitive spot among consumers in the past couple of years.
  • Place - Have you ever been to an Apple store? I visited one at the SoHo in NY and it appeared they were giving Apple products for free, an unbelievable crowd. In addition, the iPod can be found in retailers across the country from BOSE stores to Target.
  • Promotion - Some will argue that U2, Jay-Z, Ozomatli and other high-caliber artists are the ones responsible for the company's incredible branding turnaround. Wouldn't it be exactly the other way around?
  • Price - Finally, the one item Apple might need to work a little on. And it has: the iPod Shuffle and the more affordable line of computers just released by the company might be a sign that we have not seen the best days of Apple Computers.

Let's wait and see. In the meantime, congratulations to Apple once again for such an incredible achievement.

|W|P|112524762421366493|W|P|Coca-Cola: Move over...|W|P|